The session fees for 2017-18 are payable by monthly standing order. The fees include the Badminton England junior club ‘PLAY’ membership fee and club tournament entry fee.

The monthly fees are shown below:

Session Fees

ChildMonthly Fee
First Child£13.00
Second Child£13.00
Third Child£10.00

There will be 11 monthly payments on the 1st of each month from September to July covering the sessions below:

Session Dates

Summer Pay-As-You-Play7th Aug 201921st Aug 20193
Autumn Term 128 Aug 20199th Oct 20197
Autumn Term 223rd Oct 201918th Dec 20199
Spring Term 38th Jan 202012th Feb 20206
Spring Term 426th Feb 20201st Apr 20206
Summer Term 522nd Apr 202020nd May 20205
Summer Term 63rd Jun 20208th Jul 20206

Please see the Standing order payment letter for more information.